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Hanging Diffuser - Black

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These stylish hanging diffusers are designed to hang in small spaces just about anywhere. Car, wardrobe, bathroom and laundry. These stylish petite bottles absorb fragrance through the wooden lid to constantly scent your chosen area.

These little guys make the perfect unique gift for someone special.


Remove the wooden top and plastic cap. Replace cork on bottle and ensure it’s on tight. Turn the bottle upside for 2-3 seconds, the oil will soak into the wooden cork and the scent will emit through the top. Turn your diffuser upside down every 4-7 days depending on how strong you want your scent to throw.


Sometimes the diffuser liquid may absorb into the rope past the wooden/beaded blocker if you have held your diffuser upside down for to long. If this occurs you must be sure the rope is hanging from materials that wont be affected or damaged by the liquid soaked into the rope.
Hanging diffusers should not be left in high heat environments exceeding 30C as the glass have been known to explode.
Clean up spills immediately. Diffuser base and fragrance oil can damage (but not limited to) surfaces like plastics, polished/varnished surfaces and wood.

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